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Ancient restaurant of Milan

In 1867 Paolo Biffi, Royal confectioner, opened the first café in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele. Since then, just under Mengoni´s vault, "Biffi in Galleria" has become a classical meeting-point for the Milanese and for the great number of tourist and operators in town. Nowadays Biffi reproposes its various, qualified services going back to its best tradition, in order to meet all customers´ requirements.

About us

Christmas, the most important festivity of christianity, is often remembered from children (and perhaps not only...)mainly for the beautiful panettone´s slices, a cake by now diffused in all Italy but born in Milan around to the half of the ´800, from the skillful hands and the inventiveness of cavalier the Paolo Biffi ,confectioner of the King. The cavalier Biffi was already famous in Milan for its wonderful and exquisite cakes (maybe he prepared special one for Giuseppe Garibaldi) and like owner and manager of the prestigeful coffee and "Offelleria Biffi" at the steps of the Dome, point of encounter of the beautiful city world. After the jobs for the construction of the Gallery, Biffi moved its premises, to last work, inside of the same Gallery, just in the central octagon, and he opened it for the come of the King Vittorio Emanuele II, in occasion of the celebrations for the annexation of the Lombardy to the Piemonte, on 15 september 1867. Today the restaurant is managed from Tarcisio De Bacco and Gianni Valazza, prestigious name in the history of the restaurant industry of Milan,that he had followed in their father´s footsteps, because its father, Alfredo, was to head of cooks of the famous hotel "de Paris di Montecarlo", and for various years personal chef of the Negus, emperor of Ethiopia. They have tried to conserve unchanged the flavours that brought it famous, like its risotto, the cutlet, the marrowbone, without forget the appetizers like the bologna and the goose chest fills with smoke, the the Biffi´s beef or the nodino (in the fotogallery) with cream and mushrooms. The atmosphere is the same one, many pictures and the same disposition of the tables , confers a pleasant retrò atmosphere. "We are willing to take any sacrifice", says Tarcisio De Bacco," in order to catch up the prefixed goals."

From the journal: MILANO GIORNO E NOTTE Luglio/Settembre 2006 n.3 anno III


It´s born from the requirement of our customers to transfer in their home rooms or in the job place, breakfast or an house encounter without having worries for the preparation of the menù or the table service. You can asked addictional services, flowers and plants, special table cloths. Service in white gloves.

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The Biffi Restaurant remains opened seven days on the whole year, excluded the Christmas Day. We accept reservations for after Theatre. The restaurant service starts at 12 am and ends at 12 pm. It´s possible have breakfast since 7.30 pm.

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Fotogallery: Ricordi e memorie di una Milano antica che già da allora ospitava il nostro ristorante, ricordandone la sua storia con queste foto di momenti storici e di vita di ogni giorno immortalate per chi non li ha vissuti.
Menu: La specialità dei nostri piatti sta nella scelta dei prodotti base. Le carni e i pesci provengono da allevamenti Italiani, Così come la frutta e la verdura sono tutti di ottima qualità.
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